Given Up Have You?
Stop Messin' With Our Heads Man!!!

DiC stands for:
1. Do It Cheap.
2. Dub It Crappy.
3. Diffusion Information Communication.
4. Drawn Industrial Corporation.

1. Is the nickname for DiC in the animation business.
2. DiC's first foray into dubbing was with "Sailor Moon" and so they have not been known by this name.
3. This is the company's real name which was a French production company founded by Jean Chalopin. Andy Heyward started the U.S. subsidiary in 1983.
4. Nah, we just made this one up.

Did Andy say:
5. "Features? You mean they made features?"
6. "Sailormoon SuperS sucks. Uranus and Neptune don't even get it on!"

5. is TRUE. This was actually said to one of the members of the SOS.
6. is FALSE.

Did Andy actually offer:
7. $10,000 extra to improve the set for the live action TV special.
8. $2.00 for every fan that TV stations got to join the "Sailor Moon Fan Club."

7. is FALSE. Real Andy watchers know that Andy is always on the outlook to make productions more thrifty.
8. is TRUE. (And boy, do we wish we could have gotten in on this deal!) ;)

Did Andy say:
9. Of the ratings, "That's a 400% increase in 10 weeks since the show was introduced!" DiC later announced plans to dub 105 more episodes.
10. Of the ratings, "They're nowhere and we've got to address some issues." Later, Andy tried to run his car over Haim Saban's pet crocodile.

9. is TRUE. As quoted by Steve Brennan of The Hollywood Reporter (Thursday, December 21, 1995). The announcement of an additional 105 episodes was made a week later and appeared in the issue of Thursday, December 28, 1995. No one in the business seems to know how these "105" episodes were going to get made.
10. is FALSE. But real Andy watchers know how true the second part could be!

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