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Bidding War For DiC Episodes?
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Who's running this network anyway?

Other than a 2 week run on Kids' WB, "Sailor Moon" has not run on an AOL/Time Warner network since Friday, May 4, 2001. In fact, the company (via the Cartoon Network) paid to be the exclusive network for the DiC episodes for an entire year only to decide not to run them. (The episodes continue to be available via syndication--see accompanying chart.) The Cartoon Network also maintains an exclusive on the Cloverway episodes but this appears to have been negotiated at the outset for at least a 3 year minimum (which is still in effect).

Several sources have informed the Save Our Sailors campaign that the Cartoon Network may enforce an option to continue to have the exclusive network rights even though it has no plans to actually run the series. They maybe considering this to prevent the series from being shown on another network and to dissuade others from paying for the dubbing of "Sailor Stars."

The Cartoon Network is in favor of dubbing "Sailor Stars" and would not want to lose old episodes if a deal (for a good production) should go forward with the help of fan support.

A possible concern for the Cartoon Network is if DiC or 4 Kids Entertainment should prove to be successful in taking over Fox Kids and thus becoming competitors. As we have been reporting on our tickertape off and on for the last few months, Fox TV is getting out of the "kid's business" and is selling off its Saturday morning block of time starting in the Fall of 2002.

NBC recently completed the sale of its Saturday morning block to the Discovery network for $6,000,000. Fox has publicly said that it wants $20,000,000. The network has much better demographics for kids programming and wants to avoid getting into a percentage arrangement (where for a smaller fee it would get more money if the ratings & clearances were good).

The Cartoon Network's parent company AOL/Time Warner is also bidding to takeover Fox Kids--as is Nickelodeon with Nelvana. All the companies are concerned about any new or old competitors increasing their commercial inventory. (That means being able to sell more time for commercials.)

How will all this affect "Sailor Moon"? If the following company should succeed in taking over Fox Kids, then:

  • 4 Kids - AOL/Time Warner probably maintaining exclusive network rights as they would sooner or later lose "Pokemon."

  • AOL/Time Warner - All the dubbed episodes could easily move to Fox Kids. A good possibility of the network putting up most of the money for the dubbing of "Sailor Stars."

  • DiC - A possible fight over episodes 1-82. A slim possibility of DiC paying for the dubbing of "Sailor Stars."

  • Nickelodeon & Nelvana - AOL/Time Warner possibly maintaining exclusive network rights.
"Sailor Moon" U.S. Syndication
As of Monday, January 7, 2002
Courtesy of The Program Exchange

WFXT Boston, Massachusetts Saturdays 6:00am
KDAF Dallas, Texas Saturdays 6:30am
WTOG Tampa, Florida Weekdays 6:30am
WBFS Miami, Florida Weekdays 6:30am
WBNX Cleveland, Ohio Weekdays 6:30am
WCTX Hartford, Connecticut Weekdays 6:00am
WLFL Raleigh, North Carolina Weekdays 7:00am
KSMO Kansas City, Missouri Weekdays 6:30am
WSTR Cincinnati, Ohio Weekdays 6:30am
WCGV Milwaukee, Wisconsin Weekends 6:00am
KJZZ Salt Lake City, Utah Weekdays 8:00am
WGNT Norfolk, Virginia Weekdays 6:30am
WTWB Greensboro, North Carolina Weekdays 6:30am
WUTV Buffalo, New York Weekdays 7:00am
KMPH Fresno, California Weekdays 7:00am
KOKI Tulsa, Oklahoma Weekdays 6:30am
WTNZ Knoxville, Tennessee Weekdays 6:30am
WDKY Lexington, Kentucky Saturdays 6:00am
WFXR Roanoke, Virginia Weekdays 7:00am
WUPW Toledo, Ohio Weekdays 6:30am
KFVE Honolulu, Hawaii Saturdays 6:00am
WFTX Ft. Myers, Florida Weekdays 7:00am
WMSN Madison, Wisconsin Weekdays 7:30am
WVNY Burlington, Vermont Saturdays 7-8:00am
WGMB Baton Rouge, Louisiana Weekdays 7:30am
WWCP Johnstown, Pennsylvania Weekdays 2:30pm
KARD West Monroe, Louisiana Weekdays 5:30am

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