And Who Could Forget Special Unit: Robojan?

Other Influences on Naoko Takeuchi?

Ahhh, it seems just like yesterday when we would take the train home from school, sneak into the refrigerator for Pucchin Purin and study our Sansuu. If we were doing okay with our scores we would be allowed to watch some television. Shows like, "Kamen Rider Stronger," "Ninja Chapter" and "Blue Swatt" (with Sara Misugi)!!!

What? You've never heard of these shows?! But they were the best! Everyone watched them! Including Naoko Takeuchi, who liked "Go-ranger" and made a manga about it called... (Baka! There goes our memory again!). Anyway, Naoko liked this show--which you might mistakenly call the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers." "Go-ranger" means "5 Rangers" which was one show, and "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" was based on "Juu-ranger" which was an entirely different program.

This all came back to mind recently when we saw Issue 23 of "Asian Cult Cinema" (which is definitely not for the Chibi-Usa's in your house) with a special pictorial entitled, "Female Super-Heroes of Japan." Perusing the features and television series reminded us of how Naoko must have been influenced by more than one series on TV! (Some of the ones pictured are more recent but others go way back! Back to when Naoko and some of us were growing up!) Take a peek and you'll see what we mean!


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