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Sailor Moon Sightings of The Core Kind!
Finally, a sighting for the Melvin in all of us!

It turns out that a certain Moon Princess is apparently the prime obsession of at least one of the characters in the new sci-fi film THE CORE.

The character, Acker, is a physics grad student (clad in wavy hair, glasses, and a Hawaiian shirt) played by Tom Scholte. Acker is an assistant to Dr. Josh Keyes, played by Aaron Eckhart. In one scene, Dr. Keyes needs data on why the Earth's core is suddenly changing. He frantically shouts out instructions to his assistants to immediately research all recent, unnatural physical occurrences. Acker replies, "That is going to be one huge search." Dr. Keyes, "(If) You can use our T1 line to look up Sailor Moon crap, you're up to this!"

Needless to say, Acker and the other students (being fans of Sailor Moon) take up the challenge, spring into action and find the very important information to save the world. Other fans probably couldn't have done the job. Would you, for example, ask a fan of Hamtaro to do anything? (Though Dragonball Z fans would be good in a fight and Yu-Gi-Oh fans might be useful in a card game, but we're talking about saving the world here! Who you gonna call?!)

THE CORE was directed by Jon Amiel and written by Cooper Layne and John Rogers (X). We have no idea who came up with the reference but that John Rogers looks awfully suspicious to us! The sighting was first reported by "Mary."

The movie is actually pretty good. It's way over the top but with restrained performances and direction. We give it 3 and a half odangos. The reference happens somewhat early in the film so if you shouldn't like the movie you could sneak out and watch something else after.

But for those of you who stay to watch the whole movie and tend to worry about things like ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET COMING TO AN END(!!!), one of our Scientist members (and Sailor Pluto groupie) posits the following:

The Earth's core is made of two layers, a solid inner core and a molten outer core. These extend to ~55% of the Earth's radius. The cores are mostly made of iron and are highly magnetic. Theoretical Physicists believe that the core spins because of the Earth's magnetism, which protects us from harmful solar wind. These layers also store large amounts of heat energy, and as energy is moving and being transferred, it has the capacity to cause volcanoes to erupt and plates to shift causing earthquakes. The core should stop spinning when its magnetism decays. The movie says the exact opposite, that the core stops spinning and that this destroys magnetism. If the first hypothesis were to occur there would be an increase in cancer from the penetration of solar rays, but it would not be as destructive as the movie suggests.

For more unbelievable Melvin-like excitement, you might want to read the Popular Science article "Exposing The Core's Soft Center." Maybe John Rogers should read it too?

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