Meanwhile, Over At Our Favorite Network.....

Hiro, Relena, and Wing Gundam
Gundam A Hit!
Bandai Gets Cocky

The Cartoon Network's Toonami block now appears to have another hit on its hands. "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" is now the number one rated program on Toonami and is the number one watched series by teenagers on the entire Cartoon Network schedule.

Wasting no time in letting the world know, Bandai Entertainment (the distributor of "Gundam") sent out a Press Release. Bandai, which did not persue the toy rights to "Dragonball" or "Sailor Moon" in the U.S. & Canada, made a special point in singling out how their series beat out shows that they had given up on.

Since when has an afternoon block on the Cartoon Network been a warfare zone between Japanese, Canadian & American interests? Wasn't this supposed to have all happened on the Sci-Fi channel? Nevertheless, we here at the SOS like "Gundam" a lot. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do yourself a favor and tune it in at 5:30pm weekdays (and especially the less edited version at Midnight)! We hope that any new episodes of a certain odango-haired maiden gets the same treatment!

New Game On Net!
Simple But Fun

Move over Power Puff Girls and make room for the Sailor Soldiers! (Actually, we'd like them more to mingle.)

The Cartoon Network's website is now featuring a new "Sailor Moon" game. Fans should definitely try it out. Some of the art is off-model but the action is fun.

We hope this signals more cross promotion but still long for more interaction between the different series on the network (as Kid's WB does with "Pokemon"). When is Johnny Bravo going to ask Zoicite out? What about Ami's secret guilty pleasure of watching "Hong Kong Phooey"? And what really did happen when the Power Puffs vacationed in Toyko? (Or was it when the Sailor Soldiers found themselves lost in Townsville?) We have a right to know!

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