May we have a word alone for a moment? Privately? Thank you. We know that there are some of you out there who are not in love with every character in the pantheon of the Sailormoon universe. There seems to be one character in particular, who is, shall we say discreetly, not enamored or beloved by a few fans. Okay, some of the fans. Alright, most of the fans. You know the one we're talking about. She of the pink hair and irritating screams (in both versions--in all versions)! Anyway you translate her--she always comes out the same. She who defies censors & dubbers in all cultures! Of course, that's still yet another reason to hate her--or is it? The little spore does serve a purpose in the dramatic narrative. She is the one who can always get kidnapped, be defenseless, be the one minor problem in everyone's schemes. To always be in the way. That is her wont in life. Shouldn't we pity her--rather than ridicule her? Shouldn't we appreciate how excellent she is at being so horrible? If she weren't so good at being so bad, fans like Stéphane Dumas wouldn't find fans like "Phantasm" and their animated gifs on alt.binaries.sailor-moon entitled, "Chibimoon vs. Godzilla." View this easy to load masterpiece and reconsider the terrifying tiny tot today.