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Naoko's Latest "Young You" Installment

Someone has finally gotten around to scanning and posting the most recent installment of Naoko Takeuchi's "Young You" series! Tristen Citrine, a performer and costume coordinator for Sailor Jamboree, has posted the art on her webpage, Goldenquartz. (The work is in Japanese and still hasn't been translated.) Tristen alerted us that the latest chapter was, "a notch down from what we've come to know and love." On her Homepage she goes on to note, "What can I say.... it's bunnies and dogs. In a word - "Oi"!"

Our Japanese contingent looked it over when it first came out and said that there was nothing new or exciting about it. Nevertheless, we hope someone translates the chapter into English and posts it on the web.

Fans should not confuse this series with the rumors from other sites of Naoko Takeuchi returning to work. The "Young You" series is not connected with what is currently being considered (and what we have previously reported).

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