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Network Executive Forms Words!
Public Amazed! has posted a RealAudio interview with Sean Akins, a Cartoon Network executive who oversees Toonami. Mr. Akins (whom, we've never met or had any dealings with) gets most of his facts right--an unusual occurrence for an executive at any network!

In the interview, Mr. Akins is asked why there wasn't any advertising (presumably interstitials--you know, those commercials for other programs) for the new episodes of "Sailor Moon" on the Cartoon Network? Sean misunderstood the question (thinking that "Sailor Moon S" was, indeed, advertised) or decided to misunderstand the question (knowing full well that "Sailor Moon SuperS" wasn't promoted at all)! Sean replied that the series was advertised.

The truth (and we don't blame anyone for this) is that there wasn't any reason for the network to promote it. Networks use their valuable ad time to promote only those shows which could get more viewers by being advertised. Right now, if you're a Cartoon Network Sailor Moon fan, you are going to watch Toonami for a sign of anything having to do with the series. You do not have to be told to watch. The network instead chose to promote it's latest stab at in-house original programming, "The Intruder" starring (that once kid friendly) Tom character.

The network worked with the Save Our Sailors campaign to promote "Sailor Moon SuperS" as they know many fans visit our site. Using our site costs the network nothing and we were more than happy to get the word out.

Mr. Akins confirmed that there has been no agreement concerning "Sailor Stars." He also went on to say that the network is trying to get the Sailor Moon features--which should not have been revealed. Such premature statements hurts the profits of other companies. And, if the network should fail it could (in the minds of some fans) seem to be the fault of Pioneer and/or Cloverway. This is why during negotiations, neither party (the seller or the buyer), should publicly claim their intentions. (But to be fair, Mr. Akins is not in charge of acquisitions and maybe unaware of such policies.) We, on the other hand, are not a network and that is why we can report the story. So, as we have written, the network still has no plans to present the features (they would have to acquire them first), we hope they can acquire them, the soonest broadcast would be in 2001 and we hope that fans will continue to buy the Home Videos.

The Friday block of Toonami movies have now been pushed back to start on November 10.

And after listening, we think you'll agree that "Dragonball Z" could have really used a campaign to help how that series has been handled. The next time you hear someone complaining about DiC or Cloverway, just ask them if they would have rather had Funimation in charge of the property!

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