Cover Girl
Sabrina's Big Scene In "A.I."
A Hint: She's The Robot!

Many fans have wondered in which scene Sabrina Grdevich (the first English Voice Artist for Sailor Pluto) appears in Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence." We now present some screen grabs from the recent Home Video release of the movie along with the VHS cover which features Sabrina! (She's on the DVD cover as well.) Sabrina's scene is fairly early in the film so there's no need to go searching all over the place for it!

Videocassette CoverHmmmm.  Looks like a normal Voice Star.Now wait a minute!Sailor Moon says, 'Androids are people, too.'

Sabrina Grdevich as Lola Sabrina Grdevich as Lola
Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt
Sabrina's New Movie
But still shuns her moonie past?

Sabrina Grdevich's career has been really taking off! After her big scene in Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence" she landed the starring role in the Canadian feature, "Lola." But on the film's website, Sabrina's biography (once again) fails to mention her role as (the original Voice Artist for) Sailor Pluto (and, of course, the very irritating Ann in the Doomtree episodes).

While we don't know who was responsible for this omission, we hope that in the future Ms. Grdevich would proudly add the role to her bio. (Sabrina, you may star on TV, perform on Broadway or win an Oscar, but your fans will always love you as Sailor Pluto. Do not spurn them. Embrace their love!)

"Lola" by the way is not for kids and may go straight to video in most countries.

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