Suddenly ADV 'recalls' -- did they suddenly recall that there was an episode between 66 and 68?
ADV's Recall Offer
But for which mistake???

ADV Films announced the following on October 10, 2003 in the News section of their website:

We discovered very recently that materials delivered to ADV for episode #67 of Sailor Moon R, found on ADV's initial release of Sailor Moon: Season Two Uncut, contained a four-second audio/video anomaly. ADV has made appropriate adjustments to those materials. Discs produced subsequently will contain the conformed version of the episode for enjoyment as it was intended originally.

To replace your Sailor Moon disc, please go to the ADV Films Merchandise Return Authorization Page and enter the RMA code SMR5 where prompted, as well as the rest of the required information. Once you have finished entering your information, you will be issued a confirmation, and a DVD return form will be sent to you soon. Simply fill out the return form, and return it and your disc to ADV films in the postage pre-paid package included with the return form, and we will send you your new disc shortly.

Huh?  Episode 67 is completely missing from the disc; it's episode 68 that has four seconds(?) of audio from the dub version (and for which ADV would have to pay substantial royalties).  Well, we'll all find out which "anomaly" they're fixing when we start getting our DVDs back from them!

Anyone care to ask ADV for a complete refund if they shouldn't fix a four-second anomaly in episode 67?  (Yes, you read that right.) If they offer to fix "episode #67" and don't, shouldn't we get a complete refund?  And how does this solve their royalty problem?  DiC might be in a position to really screw over (and destroy any relationship which they have with) ADV--regardless of DiC's soon-to-expire rights.

We just wish that ADV would fix all of their mistakes.  We've been awfully quiet about it since we hope these releases are successful enough to encourage ADV (and Pioneer) to release the Specials and SailorStars.

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