Jumping The Gun Again
ADV Reveals Interest In DVD

According to a report on animeondvd.com, an unidentified representative from ADV Films said at a Sakura-Con anime panel (a convention held in Everett, Washington) that they are actively seeking DVD rights to the episodes that they are currently releasing on VHS. A "BChaney" reported that, "ADV is (sic) negotiations with DiC to get Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon R on DVD. Fans are urged to contact ADV so that they can go to DiC to show them how much support the show has."

Oh Watch out Rei-chan!!!  Oh, that's unfortunate.
Scenes such as these
would be restored.
This may be a premature and possibly misguided effort. DiC does not need to be convinced to make money and is very well aware of how successful the Pioneer DVD releases have been. We believe what ADV has been really trying to convince DiC of is to go back and restore edits to their episodes for a DVD release. Episodes which had been cut before would have restored footage.

So far, the exploration of this possible restoration seems to have been going in the right direction with keeping all of the original elements--including the original Voice Artists reprising their roles.

It is important to note that this is exactly what fans have been requesting concerning the old DiC episodes. A proposal which we originally considered a pipedream but now is a distinct possibility due to the surprisingly steady ADV VHS sales. They continue to outsell some of the Pioneer VHS releases but still do not do as well as the Pioneer DVDs. ADV would like nothing better than to start selling DVDs of their own.

But perhaps ADV should have made no mention of a possible DVD release? Alerting fans could negatively affect VHS sales. Further, agreements have not been reached. And just how are fans to contact ADV? Does ADV believe that X number of emails would impress DiC (which is now a little bit more internet savvy)? Does ADV want phone calls or faxes? Does it want letters, and if so, saying what? And does DiC really need convincing? Or perhaps Andy Heyward is just stringing ADV along?

ADV needs to re-examine this situation. Perhaps this convention attendant wasn't speaking on behalf of the company or was misquoted? (If ADV should like a quantitative response we could arrange one for them. We have done so for DiC, Irwin, Cartoon Network and other companies with very accurate results.)

And so while we applaud the efforts we've seen so far the SOS must remind DiC & ADV that the big money is still in dubbing those episodes which were never televised. (But having the old episodes restored now looks like they would do really, really well.)

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