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Warner Bros. Studio Store Adds Sailor Moon!

Retail fans (and just who isn't one these days?) had been tracking the WB Studio Stores with great curiosity. They couldn't figure out why the retailer was carrying so much Pokemon merchandise yet so little from Toonami programs (which are on an AOL/Time-Warner/Turner Network). The argument could be made that anything "Pokemon" would easily outsell any product from Toonami. But now, with the little pocket monsters' decrease in popularity, the store chain has opened it's arms (and freed it's shelves) to welcome more clothes, tapes and anything injected with plastic from Toonami's programs.

We were alerted to this by GoddezJade@aol.com, who says they slave (errr, work) at the chain's Del Amo, California location. Goddez writes: They are just barely starting by Selling the Promise of the Rose and Black Dream Hole videos, and so far only one children's tee shirt. As well as a cartoon network commercial and the opening song from the series on our video wall. Now all the Warner Bros. Stores are supposed to sell and promote the same things, and as of now we are really promoting Toonami. Please spread the word about Sailor Moon at WBSS, the more people buy the more likely we are to continue selling more merchandise on a regular basis. For instance a year ago you could only find one or two Power Puff children's Tee shirts and now we have tons of Power Puff merchandise of all kinds and they are there to stay, if you catch my drift. Whatever do you mean GoddezJade? We have no idea what you're talking about! ;)

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