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GoddezJade (who seems to also go by the exotic name of "Krissy") continues to breathlessly report on the supposed political infighting backstage at the Del Amo, California WB Store.

Tormented, taunted and laughed at for being a Sailor Moon fan, GoddezJade's latest secret, underground message illustrates the persecution we have all faced at one time or another. She writes that their location: "...Started to carry the Sailor Moon Trading Cards Series 3. This is a big deal because Trading cards are big sellers and I had to fight just to get them in the front display case with Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragon Ball Z cards rather than in the back with Scooby Doo and the cards which aren't really seen as much." (This is what we've been saying for years: Location, location, location!) "No one takes me very seriously when I say that Sailor Moon is so popular."

What?! We thought those days were behind us now?! Can't we all just get along? In how many other WB Stores are Sailor Moon Cards being relegated to the back of the bus? Why do the other anime get to be upfront while we're strategically placed to be perused by Scooby Doo fans? (We just have sooo much in common! Maybe it's that old Velma & Sailor Mercury confusion? Hey WB! Mercury is the one that usually wears lots of blue and likes boys!)

Maybe the WB Store chain has confused the quality of their Sailor Moon merchandise with the potential of the line? We had heard (and GoddezJade confirms) that the little girl T-shirts didn't sell. We saw these (did you?) and we know why; they were designed for little girls! However, the videos of the features have been selling okay.

So when GoddezJade notes, "The better these cards sell the more likely we are to start carrying the card game, and the archival trading cards, as well as other merchandise," we couldn't agree more. If you are in the market to buy these cards then please make your purchase at a United States WB Store or International location (sadly there's hardly any Sailor Moon merchandise available on their site). If you should live near a WB Store, please visit and ask to see these cards. And why not buy VHS tapes of the features as gifts? Give them to someone who could be swayed to anime so that one day we could all be taken a little more seriously.

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