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Sailor Moon Turns Ten!
Toei's Anniversary Event

It's hard to believe, but the 10th anniversary of the Sailor Moon TV series is coming up! In Japan, the series began in 1991. To commemmorate this occasion, Toei Animation (the producer of all 5 seasons) has announced a Sailormoon 10th Anniversary Special Event.

The event will consist of two parts. The first part will consist of three live performances and the second part will be a showing of the Sailor Moon R Movie.

The first live performance is a mini-performance by the cast of Sera-Myu. Sera-Myu, which we've reported on from time to time, is the Sailormoon live-action stage musicals. Even though the Sailor Moon manga and anime have been over for around five years, Sera-Myu is still going strong with new stories and songs.

The second performance will be a special version of the Sailormoon Kigurumi show. Kigurumi are essentially gigantic wearable plush dolls; actors wear a full-body costume including a big plush head that completely covers their own.

The third performance will be by Yoko Ishida. Yoko Ishida is the singer who performed "Otome no Policy" and "Ai no Senshi" from Sailor Moon R. "Otome no Policy" was the ending theme and "Ai no Senshi" was played when the senshi battled the Black Moon Sisters (replaced with "She's Got The Power" in the English version). "Ai no Senshi" was also reused during the S season; the English version kept the music but redubbed the lyrics. The Japanese version is available on the North American "Lunarock" CD.

This event will be touring five cities in Japan:
Kigurumi! Several years ago the Japanese Voice Artists posed alongside their respective kigurumi characters.


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